Since the discovery of the cave, the presence of a bear skull ostentatiously placed on a stone block in the centre of a vast chamber the Skull Chamber has attracted the finders' attention. Shortly afterwards, on either side of the scree pile located along the line of the prehistoric entrance, bear humerus bones set vertically in the sediment and close to another bear skull were also discovered.

When making an inventory of the bones visible on the cave floor, particular attention was therefore paid to determining whether any other paleontological remains had been moved, manipulated, or are in an unusual or abnormal position. Some anomalies have been noted in this regard, spread throughout the cave.

Although some of these bones may have been displaced for no particular purpose, simply by the movement of bears or people, some of them also seem to represent deliberate anthropogenic activity. We will undoubtedly never know the exact reasons behind such movements and must therefore settle for hypotheses.

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  •  Humerus protruding up from the floor

  •  Humerus protruding up from the floor