Carte des bornes milliaires, 1878


This is one of the last maps produced by the Commission de Topographie des Gaules (CTG). It was made by Antoine Héron de Villefosse, a palaeographic archivist and epigraphist who joined the CTG just before its dissolution.
It shows the location of the remains of milestones which marked distances on Roman roads. Members of the CTG produced copies and estampages of inscriptions on milestones as part of the commission’s epigraphic project. Some were exhibited in the musée gallo-romain or were reproduced on plates for specially designed displays. This mounted map was also on display on the museum’s mezzanine, at the entrance to the epigraphic rooms.

MAN ©MAN/Valorie Gô

MAN ©MAN/Valorie Gô


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