Estampage of an inscription from Langres, by Charles Cournault

Photographie d'un estampage d'une inscription de Langres réalisée par Charles Cournault

Charles Cournault, curator of the musée Lorrain in Nancy, produced a series of estampages which he sent to the Commission de Topographie des Gaules. This one shows a Latin inscription from Langres.
Estampage involves placing damp sheets of paper on a surface to make an imprint, then drying and conserving it. This was one of the new techniques used by the Commission de Topographie des Gaules and allowed it to obtain the most accurate possible reproductions of inscriptions. For this reason, Félicien de Saulcy asked correspondents to send the CTG estampages of inscriptions rather than drawings.

CIL, XIII, 5845

MAN, E_02_169 ©MAN/Valorie Gô

MAN, E_02_169 ©MAN/Valorie Gô


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