Plate showing an inscription from Narbonne

Planche représentant un personnage en pied et une inscription de Narbonne

Casimir Creuly oversaw the production of more than 500 plates for display in the rooms of the musée gallo-romain. The first ones were added to the museum’s inventory in 1872, while they were still being produced, and some were not finished.
This plate shows a bas-relief accompanied by an inscription from Narbonne. As on all the plates conserved, the authors have taken care to show the whole item and not only the text. The grey corner (top right) which says “MALA” (apples), shows a fragment of the monument which was lost. It was added by the plate’s authors, and is therefore a hypothesis.

CIL, XII, 4963

MAN inv. bib3152

MAN inv. bib3152


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