From the working copy to the final plate: funerary inscription


This collection of documents is rare as it contains both working copies and the plate made from them. They show the funerary inscription of a veteran from Strasbourg. The pencil copy is from page 15 of notebook no. 21 by General Creuly. It is incomplete, but states that an estampage had been made. An estampage involves the use of several individual sheets of paper joined together and shows the entire inscription, as well as the decoration around it. The plate, produced using the two other documents, shows the inscription, in watercolour, accompanied by a title and a transcription of the text. It was intended for display in the museum’s collections. This collection is all the more precious as the inscription was from one of the monuments on display at the bibliothèque de Strasbourg and destroyed during the night of 24 to 25 August 1870, during the siege of the city.
CIL, XIII, 5970

MAN ©MAN/Valorie Gô

MAN ©MAN/Valorie Gô


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