The final days of the Lost Battalion

Image Lidar des derniers jours du site Lost Bataillon

This lidar derived image helps to identify the location of archaeological remains relating to the Lost Battalion. This battalion from the 308th Infantry Regiment of the American Army advanced too quickly through the Argonne Forest and was surrounded by German troops at the bottom of the Charlevaux ravines, 8 km beyond the Allied line. Between 2 and 7 October 1918, nearly two thirds of the soldiers lost their lives. Prospection of this land, by the detection and highly precise surveying of the very numerous objects still present on the ground (including munitions and German and American military equipment), makes it possible to better identify the exact location of the main confrontations between the two sides and to see the progress of American soldiers towards the place where they were surrounded, captured and killed. Find our more on the Great War Archaeology site.

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