Masafi oasis, cartographic surveys

Image représentant trois méthodes de relevés cartographiques

In order to study the cultivation and irrigation of the Masafi oasis, a survey combining three techniques, adapted to the nature of the terrain and the archaeological remains, was carried out. The first technique was differential GPS, used in unobstructed areas to “draw” the relief, roads, plots of land and other distinguishing features. The second involved surveying on the ground using a total station, a measuring tool used by topographers and surveyors in places where there is no GPS signal, for example, beneath the palm trees. The third was a digital surface model (DSM), obtained by photogrammetric processing of aerial photographs taken by kite. To find out more about this French archaeological mission in the United Arab Emirates, led by Anne Benoist (joint research unit UMR 5133 Archéorient), see: Défi sous les palmiers.

Mission Masafi/E. Regagnon, C. Calastrenc, T. Sagory

Mission Masafi/E. Regagnon, C. Calastrenc, T. Sagory


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