The fawn with a bird

Propulseur au faon et à l'oiseau de Bédeilhac (Ariège). Abris sculptés de la préhistoire.

Middle Magdalenian decorated atlatl discovered by Péquart at the Mas d'Azil. Depiction of a young animal (fawn, ibex). This richly-decorated atlatl is a masterpiece of Palaeolithic portable art, and displays great antler-working mastery. It is an exceptionally intact (32 cm) male atlatl (hook) that was probably attached to a wooden handle thanks to three holes located at the base of the shaft.

Inv1085. Musée de la Préhistoire

© RMN - Grand Palais / Gérard Blot

© RMN - Grand Palais / Gérard Blot

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