Mushhushshu Dragon Snake

Dragon-serpent, décors en brique de la porte d'Ishtar de Babylone

Glazed brick bas-relief decorated with the snake-dragon Mushhushshu on the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, reconstructed at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The dragon has the talons of a bird of prey, the tale of a snake, the head of a dragon and its body is covered in scales.  Not all hybrid creatures were evil. The snake-dragon was, in the 1st millennium BCE, the symbol of the god Marduk and his son Nabu in Babylonia. He is represented on the walls and gates of Babylon, which it protects. (Babylonia, 6th century BCE)

© Allie Caulfield, Wikimedia

© Allie Caulfield, Wikimedia


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