The Schøyen Stela: a unique representation of the ziggurat

stèle avec un dessin de la tour et du plan du temple.

This stela, dated to the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE), is the only known representation of the Babylonian ziggurat and its seven floors, which corresponds to the description on the tablet of Esagil. Above the tower is a plan of the upper temple, with the layout of its walls and interior rooms. On the right is a representation of the king with his attributes. On the inscription, Nebuchadnezzar says of the ziggurat: "I have completed it by raising its summit to the sky, I have made it shine like the sun". (Black stone, H. 76cm, W. 25cm, D. 11cm, The Schøyen Collection, Oslo and London, MS 2063)

© The Schøyen Collection, photo Tom Jensen

© The Schøyen Collection, photo Tom Jensen


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