The diary of André Michaux

photographie du journal d'André Michaux (couverture)

André Michaux wrote a "Diary of my Travels in Persia" in which, day by day, he recounts his journey through the Near East to Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia.In 1796, on his return from an expedition to North America, the ship on which André Michaux was travelling was wrecked off the coast of Holland. He survived, but lost his personal belongings, including the two notebooks of his diary in which he described his discovery of the stone in the vicinity of Ctesiphon. However, crosschecks with other manuscripts have made it possible to reconstruct extracts from these diaries, which were brought together by one of his descendants, Régis Pluchet, author of L'extraordinaire voyage d'un botaniste en Perse, Privat, 2014.

Ms G 103, Bibliothèque municipale de Versailles.

Cl. Régis Pluchet

Cl. Régis Pluchet


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